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Anthem Blue Cross


Anthem Blue Cross is Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's Preferred Provider Organization
(PPO) of physicians, hospitals and other ancillary services.


To locate a physician, hospital or other service provider in California and some portions of Nevada visit their web site. For Plan Type select "large groups" and then select a Plan "Blue Cross PPO" and then select your provider type.


For service providers in Nevada visit


Call Anthem Blue Cross toll-free (800) 274-7767 for pre-certification or managed care services.

Delta Health Systems


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's TPA (claims administrator) since 1997. If you have a question concerning your benefits or a claim, you may call our claims team at (800) 464-7627.


Visit Delta Health Systems' website at to request a medical I.D. card. You may also register at their website to view your medical claims, print an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form or to participate in Delta TeamCare's Health or Lifestyle programs.



Effective March 1, 2011 ChiroMetrics is TCSIG's chiropractic benefit manager.  Visit to help you find a provider or to help you better understand your
chiropractic benefit.


If you need to contact ChiroMetrics for any reason, please call them toll-free at 877-519-8839 or email them at The contact information is:



PO Box 25220

Fresno, CA 93729-5220

Toll Free 877-519-8839


ProAct Inc.


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's pharmaceutical benefits manager. Your prescriptions are processed through ProAct’s  system based upon the copay structure of TCSIG's Plans.


In order to receive the maximum benefit of the Plan, members should utilize a ProAct pharmacy.
To locate a network pharmacy call (877) 635-9545 or visit their website at

Costco Pharmacy


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's mail-order pharmacy for prescriptions for long-term, maintenance medications. Automated refill ordering is available. Call, toll-free, (800) 607-6861. Refills can also be ordered through Costco Pharmacy website at

HBA (Human Behavior Associates


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's mental health network and managed care service provider.  Call toll-free (800) 937-7770 to access your mental health benefits or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits. Visit their website at


Review helpful information in the HBA Newsletters.

Delta Dental


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's TPA (claims administrator) for all dental claims. Call toll-free (866) 499-3001 or visit their website at


Delta Dental's website "How to Guide".



Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's vision service partner for eye examinations, lenses and frames. Contact VSP at (800) 877-7195 or visit their website at and register to review your benefits or check your eligibility.


To view your personal benefit information, register online at VSP.

Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's property/casualty consultant and claims administrator.

Call Gail Blagg toll-free (530) 802-0351


If you are a member of TCSIG's Property/Casualty Program and you have a question, concern or need to report a claim, please contact Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. at (530) 802-0351 or facsimile
(530) 273-6459. Their mailing address is P. O. Box 1900, Grass Valley, CA 95945.  You can also email Gail Blagg at

Kaiser Permanente


We also offer our members the option of selecting Kaiser Permanente as an HMO option. Members on the Kaiser HMO Plan can call toll-free (800) 464-4000 with coverage questions or visit their website at

First Health


First Health is a national Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network, directly holding contracts with more than 550,000 providers and hospitals throughout the United States, including DC and Puerto Rico.


The First Health Network is used by a few of TCSIG's member employers.  To verify that this is

the appropriate PPO network to use, please check with your HR department or call TCSIG at

(866) 822-5299.


Click here to find a First Health provider.

TCSIG Members' Wellness Center

Managed by Acorn Health Solutions


Located at 1174 Live Oak Boulevard in Yuba City

Call 530.822.5500 for an appointment

Or email:

Services are provided at no cost to our members. Make an appointment to be seen for your routine physical, treating your cold or flu symptoms, chronic illness to name just a few of the available services provided by the expert staff. The TCSIG Wellness Center is overseen by Dr. Christopher Campbell however, you will be seen by either Stephanie Dowden, NP or Holly Filter, NP

Wellness Hours are:

Monday -Thursday 8am – 7pm  
Friday 8am – 5pm 
Saturday 8am – Noon  
Sunday Closed


Visit TCSIG Wellness Center page


A PlushCare doctor is a call or click away…

Your PlushCare account gives you 24/7/365 access to top U.S. doctors through the convenience of phone or video consults. That means you can talk to a doctor anytime you need care now.


To talk to a doctor, call 866-460-6205 or visit


Hours of Operation:

4:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. PST Mon-Fri

8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST Sat-Sun


1176 LIVE OAK BOULEVARD, SUITE A | YUBA CITY, CA 95991 | 866-822-5299