TCSIG Wellness Center Staff

Dr. Melissa M. George


A doctorate prepared Nurse Practitioner (DNP) and Certified Diabetes Educator whose over 12 years experience include Primary and Acute Care, Diabetes Management, Wellness Coaching, Obesity and Nutrition Counselling/Management, as well as teaching at the master’s level. Current position as Wellness Director and Nurse Practitioner at Acorn Health Solutions.

Melissa’s experiences extend outside of healthcare as she began her professional career with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, and worked as a Programmer/Analyst developing decision support systems for Toyota dealerships in the South East. However, feeling a strong need to follow her gifts to serve in a more meaningful manner, she transitioned into the healthcare industry after obtaining her Bachelors, followed by Masters, Board Certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and finally her Doctorate in Nursing.

In addition to providing holistic care for chronic conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, Dr. George has chosen to specialize in diabetes after training with two top-notch Endocrinologists in Florida. She has since been affectionately referred to as “Magic Melissa” by her peers as she’s able to help patients make their problem with high blood sugar disappear like magic through coaching, education and empowerment that’s second to none.

“People, wellness, and education are my passions!”


Diane Davina


Diane Davina, MSN-FNP-BC, BSN-RN obtained her Bachelors of Nursing, RN degree in 1993 in Oregon. She has worked in many areas of practice including physical medicine/Rehabilitation, acute care with focuses in orthopedics, neurology, medical-surgical units. Additionally she has experience as a college educator, hospice provider, research primary investigator at OHSU, and community health clinics. After her children were grown, she went on to obtain her MSN-FNP in New Mexico in 2014, graduating Suma Cum Laude. She has a combined 25 years experience in the medical/nursing field. She is an active member in AANP (American Assoc. of Nurse Practitioners) and CANP (California Assoc. of Nurse Practitioners).

Diane is married to the love of her life, and has three amazing adult children, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Lily, and one adorable grandson. She is passionate about her job as a provider, and in her spare time away from work she enjoys creating art, being outdoors, and travel adventures to warm tropical places.


Olga Bealessio


Olga received her Nursing diploma in Moscow, Russia graduating with honors in 1986. In 1992 she passed her California Nursing Board exam and has been working as an RN ever since in various hospitals and clinics in the California central valley, including Sutter, Mercy, community hospitals, and others. She raised her family and simultaneously earned her Baccalaureate Nursing degree from CSU Sacramento in 2008, graduating with honors. Olga’s work in the Nephrology field encompasses two decades of experience in various settings, including chronic and acute care, patient training, and home dialysis therapies in outpatient and hospital programs, as well as a national certification as a Certified Nephrology Nurse. The desire to work in primary care and become a family medicine healthcare provider inspired her to enter the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Phoenix, which she completed in June 2015, where she also earned her Master’s degree in Nursing. She has also been Board certified since August 2015 by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as FNP-BC.

She loves to use her nursing experience spanning over 30 years to benefit and inspire the patients in local communities. Olga believes that in her FNP role she could make a positive difference in the lives of both healthy and chronically ill patients and their families across their entire lifespan. She is committed to build and maintain a medical practice where patients are well informed and empowered by clinical knowledge and are active participants in the decisions about their health and longevity. Olga has enjoyed working for TCSIG as a provider since 2016 and has pioneered the telemedicine outreach for its members who for one reason or another are unable to come to the clinic for an appointment. She has a keen interest in holistic approaches to wellness and is actively pursuing a certification in the field of functional medicine.

Olga promotes the same approach to health and long-term wellness for her TCSIG patients as she herself practices. She exercises by jogging, walking, or biking on most days, and loves cross country skiing in the winter. She practices the longevity diet principles she teaches, just ask her to show you the contents of her lunch box and she will be glad to share her recipes or even her grocery list. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family, taking care of her granddaughter and family pets, reading, theater, and gardening.

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